Sissamhain (sissamhain) wrote in the_story,

Chapter 3: Back Home

Joelie-Anna stumbled over a stepping stone and spilled some water from the can she was holding. The water sloshed on to a near by fern and soaked the fairy underneath. The fairy let out a tiny curse and shook it's fist. "Wonder what Fatty is up to? I'll bet he's drinking some where instead of taking care of business!" Joelie-Anna thought to herself.
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"No doubt he is Mistress," the wet little fairy said. "Stop reading my mind Barfly! You have no room to speak you drunkard!" Joelie-Anna spit out."You and your 'nectar of the gods'." Barfly started to laugh and roll in the dirt. Joelie-Anna poured a good dose of water over him.
Barfly choked and shook the water off like a dog."Curse that Fathorn- should've been named Farthorn!" gurgled Barfly. "Shut up before I swat you like a fly, Fathorn is no doubt accomplishing his mission and will soon be home with us!" Joelie-Anna said dreamily. "Oh yes,and how will the quince head keep our village from it's impending doom?" sneered the little sprite. "Fatty will find the way," she replied.
Just then a sound like repeating thunder could be heard... and felt. In fact, all about was vibrating to the rythmic, repetitve thunder. A dirty beggar ran past Joelie-Anna and Barfly, stumbling and falling flat on his face. He recovered and looked at the two with terror in his eyes. "Run! It's here! The giant, three headed cyclops is almost upon us!"the beggar screamed as he got up and ran again. Barfly and Joelie-Anna stared at each other and both wondered to themselves where Fathorn was.
"AHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH!" Barfly was totally hyterical. He flew straight up into the air upon seeing the three headed cyclops and then promptly flew into a tree trunk and knocked himself out.
Joelie-Anna dove under a thorn bush, to hide from the giant. But as the Cyclops came closer to Joelie-Annas hiding place he began sniffing the air in an almost comical fashion; his heads turning to and fro, I smell wine, he thundered, when I smell it and not taste it I get very angry! The Giant started rummaging around in an effort to find where the sent was emanating from. Joelie-Anna realized he is sure to find Barfly unless she was to do something quick.