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Chapter 2; Come On Inn

Obreck entered the inn he felt uneasy. The place was full of drunken patrons, some were towns people and the others were from the garrison just outside of town. But none of them much bothered Obreck; it was the 3 strangers sitting at a table on the far side of the room. They were all dressed differently except for one item, a gray feather could be seen somewhere on their clothing.
They all eyed Obreck as he entered the room but their gaze ceased as Obreck returned his. "See to the care of the animals," Obreck said to Fathorn, "I have some business to attend to."
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I greeted Fathorn upon entering the inn. "It's an animal night.", he said. I didn't want to know what that meant and didn't ask. I only came to rest a spell.
As I awoke and realized I had slept nearly a quarter moon, I must have been very tired. But then again, this place is so boring. As I arose to leave, someone said, "Where you going, the party's just started?" If this is a party, I must be Excalibur, I thought, and I am cutting out before I start sawing more logs.
Just then the strangers across the room all stood finished their drinks and gathered their gear. as they headed for the door one of them droped a bag of coins that broke open and scattered around the floor.
Obreck noticed a coin rolling his way and extended his foot and steped on the coin and pulled it twords him. Fathorn wondered what kind of man had he been traveling with.
"This dude's a Master Theif! Holy gold dubloons!" barked Fathorn."Theif not,Fathorn, these warty ,little, dwarves owe me!" Obreck replied. And so they were ,the strangers. Obreck brushed Maulkie the crow from his shoulder and brought a club from his cloke then bashed each stranger-dwarf on the head. "That should teach them. They all lay still on the floor. "Serving Girl- two ales for us promptly!"shouted Obreck. Fathorn shakingly sat at the table watching Obreck replace the club-not sure if he should say anything. He wasn't thrilled by following orders from Obreck- taking care of the animals ,indeed!"Now Fathorn du Garr, we will talk of your Quest- it is the very same as mine." whispered the old cloked one. Maulkie flew back and perched on Obreck's shoulder."We don't allow animals in the pub ya know-if yas wants the ale the bird is gotta go,luv,"whined the barmaid. "As you wish,dear lady." Maulkie flew out the open window. Slurping and burping the Quest was finally discussed. Fathorn began," I'm on sort of a mission..."
Just then one of the warty dwarves got up off the floor and staggered over to the table where Fathorn and Obreck sat. He took off the feather which decorated his hat and wiped it under his nose. "Obreck, you old dog! Now that our debt has been paid -buy me an ale!" croaked the dwarf. "Sorry old boy, no time. Fathorn and I are discussing how to rid the world of annoying dwarves," Obreck replied.
Shocked, Fathorn's mouth dropped open,"How...how did you know that is what my mission is?!"
  Of course the statements were erroneous, although tempting, Fathorn wasnt comfortable with these dwarfs underfoot and wanted no part of them.
  As soon as Fathorn was sure the dwarfs would leave, they all including Obreck burst out in laughter. Join us, Obreck shouted, but if you expect me to pay for your bottomless stomachs, you are short on brains as you are in stature! Needless to say, Fathorn was very confused.
  Say hello to my traveling companion, Fathorn, exclaimed Obreck, as each dwarf bowed on introduction, and Fathorn, I introduce, Hannor, Sainon his brother and Bentoc of the Grey Forest Kingdom.
"Oh crabapple crap!" thought Fathorn, "Now what?" "What's with those feathers, you little- ah, boys?" That was all Fathorn said-he wanted to say what he really thought but he didn't. It wouldn't be polite.
Bentoc's eyes lit afire to being referred to as a boy, "I am thrice your age, my young upstart!" he replied, and the feathers are badges of courage, if you must know! Yes indeed, added Obreck, That color feather signifies they all have fought in the Dark War against the forces of the evil witch, Queen Saliefa.
All eyed wonder meant they understood the story up to then and thus the therefore set still quiet waiting quite the wait. If then that mean man meant meaning under stand able then as this there sat quick to weigh it. Tally up the wonderment and as understood understand. Tally how the ho ho. Mention the meaning. Men shun me an I no go. O.