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The Pickle-Chapter 8

The little lonely, warty, green pickle magically came alive and inched it's way toward the safety of a rose bush. It lifted one end off the ground as if sniffing the air. It laid back down and whimpered. Were there no other pickles around?
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Just then a fly buzzed by and the pickle snatched it from the air and ate it. The fly was sinning inside the stomach thinking, "I sure have gotten myself into a real pickle this time!"
The little fly was then digested and shat out of the pickle, thus giving life and stregth to The Pickle Who Would Be KING!
As his first act as King, the pickle commanded all cucumbers to bathe in vinegar.
Many cucumbers feared the vinegar, and as they refused the bath so they were thrown out into hot coals to shrivel and burn. They smelled really bad too.