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This is a community where anyone can participate in a neverending story. each new post is a different chapter and each comment is an addition to the chapter.

I urge everyone that comes in here to add something to the story, even if you don't want to become a member leave a little line, a poem, whatever, just try to follow the last comment in the chapter.

Illistrations are so cool too! If you have some picture or want to make one that can go with a chapter, feel free to post it by replying to the comment above the comment it goes with, that way it will be right below the one it goes with.
Also I think we should keep it realitively clean, (we want everyone to be able to read this).
If you want to write something on a totally different level or subject, go for it, just join the community and start a new chapter. Everything can find their way to meld together, with a little imagination!
I think that is it!

I can't stress the importance of keeping it clean!! I will delete any comment or post I deem not appropriate!!!

Sea ya!